About Belting Ware SA

Belting Ware was started in 1981, by Arthur Ware and his brother John. Eight years later they expanded into Johannesburg under the leadership of John. This proved to be very successful and at the time, Belting Ware, was amongst the top belting companies in South Africa.

Come 1992, Belting Ware and Maritime Marketing [another well known belting company of the time] merged to form the company Mariware Belting.

In 1995, Mariware Belting was sold to the Hudaco Organisation and all the members of Mariware Belting went into separate specialist industries.

Belt Torque was started in 1997, primarily suppling the Optibelt Germany brand of power transmission products. Belt Torque made Optibelt South Africa an asked for brand

In 2010, Belt Torque underwent a business model restructure and changed its name back to Belting Ware. The emphasis of the company was to offer quality products and specialized service in the sector it operates. Industry sectors we specialise in are Automotive manufacture, Mining Industry, Material Handling and Genaral Engineering and Manufacture. Belting Ware is still operated and managed by the Ware Family. Together they offer a wealth of knowledge and have a total of 50 years experience in the industry

The company now offers quality brands like Optibelt, Elatech and Bode Belting. Our close relationship with these manufactures over the past 25 years allows us to offer our customers the best quality products the industry has to offer.

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