Optibelt RED POWER 3

New 3rd Generation Red Power 3 is the latest version of Optibelt Germanys high performance, maintenance-free V-belt which has for over ten years been proven to offer unrivalled performance and cost savings on all types of quarry equipment including crushers, screens, pumps, blowers.

Significant improvements in productivity, reduced costs and reduced power consumption can all be achieved simply by switching your V-belts to Optibelt Red Power 3. No other changes needed.


A revolutionary belt that requires no tension maintenance throughout its lifetime, is wear resistant for longer belt life, and transfers up to 50% more power than conventional v-belts. This means more value and performance than you ever thought possible.

Also Available in banded sizes on request


Premium polyester tension cords resist stretching to ensure the belt does not loose tension and power capacity over time.
Transverse fiber rubber increase the power transfer capacity while allowing the belt to flex around pulleys and idlers.
Dual wrapped for increased grip strength and greater wear resistance. This specialized wrap is rubber impregnated to fuse with the belt’s core during vulcanization.

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